About Us

TEAM IN MOTION was founded in 2010 by two persons who have years of managerial experience and convinced that investing in staff morale is of major importance in today’s workplace; where individual’s self-confidence plays a significant role in the company's productivity levels, profitability, and growth into the uncertain and difficult economic times the business world is encountering these days; encouraging employees’ motivation and commitment towards the company’s objectives

TEAM IN MOTION is specialized in corporate team building activities (as indoor, outdoor or adventure), along with soft skills training covering different topics such as body language, time management, leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, problem solving, anger management and many others.

We have more than 15 qualified mentors, following continuous trainings, working with the same team spirit, and offering best results for each and every event.

TEAM IN MOTION's customers are private and public sectors, associations and organizations, educational and health institutes

Groups can be from 15 to 300 participants, taking part of a 2 hours, half day, full day events, or 2 to 3 days boot camps. Our events are available 365 days a year in several locations in Lebanon, and can be customized to be aligned with any requirement as per our clients’ convenience.

Team Building Activities are of three types, indoor, outdoor or adventure including Icebreakers; where team learning can be described with:

  • - Efficient Communication
  • - Working together towards a target
  • - Decision Making as one team
  • - Behavior under Stress
  • - Querying Alternatives
  • - Strategizing and Planning
  • - Problem Solving as a team
  • - Improving Performance
  • - Emerging Leaders
  • - Team Harmony
  • - New Challenges as a team
  • - Supporting team members
  • - Cooperation and Coaching
  • - Time management
  • - Importance of each individual in a team

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Recognized as a leading Consultancy and Training organization in the UAE, ABAMI partners with over 500 leading organizations in the region and has delivered value to over 60,000 participants since 2010. With over 50 facilitators and coaches and three fully equipped centers, we focus on experiential learning solutions, action based learning and coaching and business simulations. ABAMI leads and initiates many projects in the field of leadership development, building high performance teams, customer engagement, and management, organizational and personal development.

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